Monday, April 29, 2013

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Welcome to the world of Fandom! What is Fandom you may ask? Fandom is the land where people, young and old unite to express their love for all things Nerd. There are Gamers, LARPERS, Fanboys and Film buffs to just to name a few.

Even with Fandom's seemingly endless wealth of material, this blog is all about Comic Books! I have never been a gamer and am not at all familiar with LARPING, but from my earliest memories I have been a fan of comics books in a big, bad way.

Now that you know what you are in for, let me next explain to you the 3 types of fanboys that exist in our world today!

1. The Marvel guy - The Marvel guy is no longer awaiting the second coming of our Lord and Saviour, because they are convinced that he has already arrived and his name is Stan Lee. They believe that Iron Man is cooler than Batman(not a chance) and that Thanos is a deadlier villain than Darkseid(debatable at best).

2. The DC guy - The DC guy believes he is a comic book purest. He is most likely to fawn over Golden age books, because as we all know Superman is the grand daddy of all superheroes and without superheroes we would not have comic books. While this may not be 100% accurate The DC guy will fight to the death to defend it!

3. The Coolest guy in the room - The coolest guy in the room ONLY READS INDIE BOOKS! He wouldn't be caught dead with a Batman or Spidey book in his collection and has already stopped reading The Walking Dead because it's gone mainstream. He will find the worst book on the shelf and read it first because if it's ever made into a movie he wants to be the first to tell everyone how bad it is. Ironically, he will be the first in line for the Midnight showing of Man of Steel and then will write the first awful review of it regardless of the actual quality of the film.

I am here to tell you that I am a DC guy! While I will read the occasional Marvel title(I never miss a Spider-Man book), and do think that Stan Lee is the coolest guy walking the face of the Earth. The deep tradition of Aquaman, Batman, Green Arrow and Superman mixed with modern day creations such as Booster Gold, Tim Drake and Harper Row make DC the eclectic universe where I choose lay down my $2.99 an issue to magically transport these stories to my iPad every Wednesday.

Yes, I am a digital guy as well but that is another story for another blog.

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