Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Comic Books, The Great Escape!

I finally realized why I love comic books..Granny Goodness  always wins.

Now it might not be instantaneous. It might not be in a traditional sense of word. And it may not even be seen as a win until a greater story unfolds. But they always do. This is a strange realization for me because I firmly believe that the protagonist can single handedly make or break a story. They fuel the fire and drive the plot home when done properly. But no matter how bleak it may appear, how much carnage and wreckage is caused and how much or many we lose in the process, in the end a hero will rise... ALWAYS!

Sometimes when it seems like only the truly ugly get ahead in the real world, I think to what fate would belay them in a four colored one. They may reap their benefits for while, but before long it would unravel, always does. It's what brings me back time and time again. It's hope, and it's never lost when I'm reading a comic book. When the Joker tore apart the Bat-family in "Death of the Family" I just new that someday, maybe not today, but someday the family would be whole again. That isn't the case in the real world. Sometimes seeds of mistrust ruin lives completely and the results are often tragic and always life changing. Every once in a while we all need an escape. Maybe just 20 mins a day to forget about our troubles and simply be entertained. Classic Literature has always had a way of transporting it's reader into far off lands, unimaginable adventures and whirlwind romances. Comic books are carrying that torch quite nicely!

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