Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lex We Deserve

I know Action Comics has had it's share of controversy lately and hopefully Scott Lobdell can come in and calm the waters for a nice long entertaining run. sadly however, lost in the turmoil of the Morrison-Diggle-Daniel-DC paradox (Not sure how else to sum that 1 up) is a pretty damn good story being printed in Action Comics that has accomplished the 1 task that I have been patiently waiting for since the post Flashpoint relaunch.


Morrison laid the groundwork for Lex early in his Action run by making him a full fledged holier than though greedy capitalist pig who knows better than anyone, even the Government. His seeds of mistrust in Metropolis' alien savior were not just planted, but firmly rooted from the start. Evil Lex was dangled in front of u s like a carrot, firmly planted in the scenery for us to wonder when he'd strike, but it was not until the current Diggle/Daniel arc (Hybrid) that Lex took true Action (pun intended)! Luthor unleashed a contagion that was not only designed to take out the Man of Steel, but would also effect the fine folks of the City of Tomorrow to show the world how dangerous their "savior" truly is. Of course, things don't work out exactly as planned for baldy. With help from a now, fully realized supporting cast (Lois, Jimmy & a guesting Doctor Veritas) Superman over comes the contagion and rushes to get the civilians to safety.

Here's where it gets good...

Finally, Lex takes matters into his own hands. He let's his ego get in the way, dawns his Battle suit,
and goes to work on Supes. You see, Lex truly believes only he can save this world and Superman has forced his hand to act. Naturally with an ego teh sized of the former Soviet Union, he lets loose that he doesn't care who dies as long as he rids the city of Kal-El (the ends justify the means) and that the contagion was of his design to do just that. Crack reporter Lois Lane heard it all and with the stroke of her key borad Lex Luthor will now become Metroplis' official Big Bad.

That is how you write Lex Luthor! Right down to the smallest syllable he was pitch perfect and even though he falls into police custody at the end of the issue we know that this was just the beginning. Hopefully Scott Lobdell has many more scenes like the one below in mind for Clark and Lex in the near future!

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