Sunday, June 2, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different

I've heard that all the stories have already been told. I respectfully disagree. Well, when it comes to comic book stories anyway. One of my goals is to write a comic book. I have never fully committed to it but it is on the bucket list and I do intend to follow through. With this lofty goal in mind I occasionally do research on characters, backgrounds and potential plot lines for my future magnum opus. I often spend more time investigating the possible antagonists for my story, because I believe that once you have the "bad guy" to move the story along, the hero that'll sweep in and save the day will fall in to place shortly there after.

Through all my research I still have not found in a comic book, a villain that does the one thing I find creepier than anything else...Play the piano!

No it's not torture, maiming, skinning someone alive or even lighting horses on fire and setting them free(well played Snyder). I find a classically trained pianist with a penchant for murder horrifying. Even the guy who kills that chick in Patch Adams creeped me out. Not because he was a lunatic who would rather have a girl dead than be with good ole Patch but because he played a classical tune right after he did it. Davey Jones in Pirates 2. Laughable! Until he played that damned pipe organ, after that all bets were off. I know that comics are a silent medium, but if you just put a maniac in front of a piano in the midst of his master plan, I don't need to hear it, I know what he's doing and I'm officially creeped out.

So if when I finally do write my comic book, you can bet your ass my villain will be playing a piano somewhere in there. And you can bet I'll creep myself out writing it.

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