Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aquaman and the Others

Go back about 20 years, read Peter David's Time and Tide and tell me that Aquaman isn't a legit power house in any 4 color Universe!

Now I will admit that in his mid-80's Justice League appearances he does come off as a bit of an asshole and can at times be whinny but we've all had bad days (decades) every now and then, so let's cut the Ruler of the 7 Seas some slack. I mean water covers about 70% of the Earth and he had marital issues that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger cringe, the guy had a lot on his plate. But much to my delight, in spite of his checkered past, post-Flashpoint Aquaman has been a runaway train of awesome, in not only in the 2 titles which he's featured (Aquaman and Justice League) but on the Diamond Sales charts as well.

So where does the blond bad ass of the Ocean go from here?

Here's my pitch. Aquaman is the King of Atlantis, by definition he is a leader! He was also, in his younger days, a part of a group called The Others (see Aquaman #8-#12). The Others and their relationship with AC are also fleshed out a bit more in Aquaman #0 and #20. DC has an opportunity here to add another "-verse" to their line-up. The Bat-verse has always had a book like Batman and the Outsiders or Batman Inc. to add a richer history and more depth to the Batfamily. DC could do the same Aquaman and add another cash cow franchise to their already burgeoning stable.The time is now to strike while the iron is hot with King Arthur and add a title that creates an "Aqua-verse". I want a new monthly book from DC, I want Aquaman and The Others!

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