Sunday, May 26, 2013

Here Comes the BOOM! (Studios)

Talk about a get! The Fandroid Apocalypse proudly presents to you, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BOOM! Studios, Ross Richie. BOOM! Studios is my absolute favorite Independent Comic Book company, which is why it was such an honor for me to interview it's founding father. For those new to BOOM! I highly recommend you check out Keith Giffen's Hero Squared, Mark Waid's Irredeemable, current sci-fi epic The Hypernaturals and one of my personal faves, The Savage Brothers. Mr. Richie was gracious enough with his time to sit and answer 13 hard(ly) hitting questions from me and he absolutely nailed it!


Q. This is a comic book blog so, what book hooked you?
A. Fantastic Four 178 by Roy Thomas and George Perez. One guy was made of fire, the other from rock. I never looked back!
1977. The comic was in my Easter basket.
And Why? (and yes I am counting all this as 1 question!)
One guy was made of fire, the other from rock! I was a Star Wars kid and loved the sci-fi elements. I was too young to read sf novels, so comics hooked me!
Q. It’s the comic book draft and BOOM! has the#1 pick who’s your hero/villain/team? (in the interest of being interesting no BOOM! books allowed)
A. Magneto. He can do anything with his power. C'mon, magnetism is one of the unifying forces of reality itself...
Q. You’re a Texas guy, what Lone Star State son would make for the best comic book adventures?
A. This is where I get to plug a BOOM! book -- we did a series called Galveston that starred Jean LaFitte teaming up with David Bowie. You gotta love the cowboy/pirate comic! The fact that it was based on an historical BFF relationship is just gravy...
Q. I’m still not over the cancellation of Eureka (Damn you SyFy…), will BOOM! ever publish more mini’s based on the show?
A. No, sorry.
Q. The Hypernaturals is a clinic on how to do a sci-fi comic book. Why are all the best writers British?
A. They didn't grow up on US superheroes. Many of the British writers grew up on a steady diet of comics of different genres published in the UK so when they do superheroes they have a more fresh approach.
 Q. The 1990’s really seemed to be the Golden Age of Indie comic books. Did your time at Malibu serve more as a what to or what NOT to do when you started BOOM! Studios?
 A. Definitely was a huge advantage. It was a different market back then in every way -- sales were massive, the material wasn't as sophisticated as it is now. Many things changed in the ten years between me leaving Malibu and starting BOOM! but there's no question I couldn't have done it without my time at The 'Bu!
 Q. You’ve published a Die Hard book by Chaykin and are about to release Robocop by Frank Miller. Any chance of a Rambo series by Alan Moore to round out a 1980’s action movie tri-fecta?
 A. I am a huge Alan Moore fan since I bought Saga of the Swamp Thing #21 off the rack. If he's in, I'm all about it.
 Q. Seriously though, I know that Frank Miller has a long history with Robocop, but how did a series of all new material for the character with BOOM! come about?
 A. It's not all new. It's Frank's screenplay for Robocop 3 taken from screenplay form by Steven Grant and turned into a comic.
 Q. I read that you are a producer on The Mage feature film adaptation. Is that still in production?
 A. No, that project fell out of development.
 Q. What’s your thoughts on real life “Vigilantes” i.e. Phoenix Jones?
 A. Seems dangerous to me.
 Q. If DC is so dead set against bringing back Ted Kord, can BOOM!? Please? I mean no one ever stays dead in comics…EXCEPT Ted Kord! I think Dan Didio has a personal vendetta against me.
A.  If DC is willing to grant BOOM! the rights to Ted Kord I'm all about it...
 Q. Who is YOUR Batman? West, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, Bale or Conroy?
 A. Adam West, but I not because of the 1960s show. I loved The New Adventures of Batman cartoon from 1977, which took itself far more seriously than the classic 60s show.
 Q. Are you sure it's not George Clooney?
 A. George Clooney is always Danny Ocean to me and one of our greatest directors and actors.

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