Saturday, May 25, 2013

Marvel On Marvel Crime

The Internet was set ablaze this week with what I have deemed Marvel on Marvel crime. Just a week or so after Joss Whedon announced the addition of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to the Avengers 2 line-up, Bryan Singer and Fox confirmed that Quicksilver would be making his big screen debut 1st in the already in production sequel to 2011's X-Men First Class, X-Men First Class: Days of Future Past.

Because the Interwebs have turned us all into raving lunatics that act like religious extremists when it comes to pop culture likes and dislikes, sides were immediately chosen. To the right we had the X-Men faithful that will forever pledge allegiance to Mr. Singer for restoring the franchise to it's once prominent glory with First Class and removing the bitter taste that "The Last Stand" still left in their mouths. To the left you have equal parts Singer haters (some people can't move on from Superman Returns), Whedonites and Avengers apologists. Both groups spent the better part of this week laying down an anonymous verbal Jihad on the other, claiming proper rights to Pietro.

I just don't get it! In this time of great comic book movies why must we hate one to like another? I liked both First Class and Avengers, A LOT! Each film brought something different to the table and for that I have an equal appreciation for both. I loved the story telling and character study that First Class dove into. It was a period film that absolutely nailed the turmoil and strife that these Mutants would have went through in 1960's America. The parallel to the Civil Rights movement was done beautifully. I saw the Avengers as the film version of a company wide crossover. The previous films were the tie in issues that helped craft the main event. It wasn't a political statement, it was action and adventure. They were each exactly what they should have been.

So, here is my solution. Both films should use Quicksilver. There doesn't have to be any overlap in story or explanation of his dual appearances. More than likely he won't even be used in anywhere close to the same way in either movie respectively. Just tell great stories with both, that treat the character right and everybody wins!

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