Saturday, May 11, 2013

Snyder the Great and Powerful

I bet DC Comics thought they were done working with Magicians when Alan Moore unceremoniously took his ball and ran home sometime early last decade.

DC was wrong!

They now have a mystic in their midst with even greater power than the Merlin of 1980's comic book creations. Where Moore had to tip toe around characters true identities to produce his magnum opus, Watchmen, our new wizardly wordsmith reached far beyond time and television for his latest trick.

Scott Snyder, in Whovian fashion reached 20 years into the future, grabbed a character created for television 14 years in the past and slammed him smack dab into current Batman canon!

Now that's magic!

Words do not do it justice, so if you haven't read Batman #20 STOP RIGHT HERE!

But if you've already enjoyed the spell that Snyder the Great and Powerful cast upon this week, gaze upon it 1 more time.

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